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Tax Consulting Firm

Fifteen years I owned the single-Office Tax Consulting Krzysztof Jan Majczyk Stroza 262, Filia Nr 1 in Cracow. Starowislna 83 / 5 Firm, because of the dual training of its owner (legal and economic) from the beginning, aims to provide a wide range of legal services and accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized businesses need both legal services and legal protection in many areas of commercial law. In addition, they need help in the investment process, and thus in their dealings with financial institutions and participants in the investment process. Such companies prefer seeking Law Firm providing legal services and accounting & tax (and insurance) and at the same time undertaking to legal protection against inspection, dimensional, or enforcement and fiscal authorities pension, but also occurring before the tax courts, or administrative authorities of the broader and administrative courts. Strong companies also seek legal aid in the selection of investment property and financial resources, as well as support for investment processes.

Entrepreneurs are increasingly aware that the successful conduct of business tax policy affects them. In such a situation, as taxpayers seeking help from tax advisers, leading law firms and tax accounting office.

Since the Firm undertakes to provide all of the aforementioned services, hence the long existence and continuous development of her.

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